Monday, December 31, 2012


Hi. It's been a while..

2012 is ending very soon so i thought i should write something before the year ends. The purpose of me writing here tonight is because i want to reminisce all the memories of this year and i am going to move on to the upcoming 2013.

This year has taught me so many things from family matters, my students life, friendships, working and also to the matter of love.

Family is everything for me and i bet its the same for everyone in this world. I am blessed i still have my family up to this day. My parents are my strength to live up in this world and they have been wonderful ever since i was born. I can't deny the fact that i sometimes get scolded by them and there were a little arguments every now and then with the siblings but i know that is part and parcel in any  family. I am the eldest in the family so i think i have the responsibility to lead my baby sister and brothers to become a more better person. Seeing them grew up with different behavior and temperaments has taught me a lot. I have done what i'm capable of and i will try my best to be a better sister for them in the future.

Moving on to my love affairs. Early 2012 has been kind of hard for me because my 6 years relationship has finally over. Along the years, we have went through so many ups and downs and i learned so much from it. It has been great so i don't know what went wrong. Its not me and neither its him. I keep reminding myself that everything happen for a reason and i believe god has planned out something for me. This happens for more than a year now and i didn't planned on exposing about it here ever since but then the past is past and i'm totally over it now. Deep inside, i never doubted that i had been with a wonderful person and i thanked Allah for that. It didn't work, but i learned so much.

Done with sad moments, i also had my fair share of happiness, Alhamdulillah. I was happy doing my practical as a teacher, made new friends and experiences, went on a few holidays with my families, and i also met someone that is important for me now. There's a lot more joyous moments that happened but it would be ridiculous to list all of that here. Besides, i'm afraid you will end up sleeping reading that. Haha.

Anyway, I haven't posted up any pictures for quite some times huh?. So here are some of the moments captured in 2012.

I just hope that 2013 will be a better year for me. I have my own aims and resolutions for the year and may Allah SWT grant all of them, In Sya Allah. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dear readers! May the year be better than the previous one we had.


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