Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Delayed post

Ok I know I owe you readers some big spankin' in the ass for ignoring this blog for quite some time. Well, what can I say, I've been so busy with work. Yes, I am currently doing some part time job, with my brother. I didn't even planned to be working since I have never earned any money on my own before but the offer was hard to resist! Hehe. See, there's too much unexpected thing happen during this holiday, and all of that brings me benefits (so far!). Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, my last post was about me being so excited about going to China. Well, the trip was not as fun as I expected. The main reason me and my brother went there was to settle some of his business matter, so that might be the reason why the trip ended up so boring. Pfft.

While I still have the mood to talk about the trip, I might just post some of the photos I've taken there. Yes people, only photos. Lazy blogger I am, I know. Who cares?.

First day at Wantong area, a place to buy clothing, in wholesale

If you get to go to Wantong area, this halal Sate Kambing is a must try!

Night stroll at Beijing Lu (Beijing Road), shops, boutique and pretty scenery, love it!

Busy Streets in front of One Link Plaza, where you can get crystals and home decorations stuff at low prices

Lunch at Al-Madina Halal Food Restaurant, the food was just fine

Being on the phone with his wife almost all the time, very loving this man

There's only two of us, so there's only few pictures of us together

Final shopping before going back

Met this Asian Games mascot at the airport

Checking-in for the flights home

There's nothing to shout about Guangzhou. If you plan to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation, I would not recommend this place for you. Guangzhou is best explained as a place to do wholesale shopping, as you can get very low prices by buying in bulk. That is just my opinion based on my experience visiting Guangzhou, there might be more interesting places there that I didn't have the chance to visit.

So that is all about my trip. Boring, no?