Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let The Images Speak

It has been months since I last updated.. I know there might be some of you who think that I might as well shut my blog down. Hmm. The thing is I bought myself a diary and I jot everything down in there. This is not a make up excuse okay, seriously. Though I have a diary now, but I'll try to be fair okay! :)

Anyway, I celebrated my 21st birthday last week. My birthday this year was extra special to me because I get to celebrate it with my dearest family. Well, not all of them but it was better than the last few years. I used to just celebrated my birthday with either Musa or my college friends. Of course it was good, but it is always nice to be with my own family.

Enough talking, I'll just let the images speak. So here goes :

Yes, I am getting older and I'm not a young teenager anymore. Honestly, I do freak out when I realize that I am one year closer to being old. Negative thought aside, I thank god for granting more time for me to live my life. I do hope that as I get older, I will be wiser.

Since Ramadhan is coming nearer, I'd like to wish you a blessed Ramadhan :)