Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday was my last weekend here since I am going back to my hometown next Friday so I did a little shopping at Queensbay. There were sales here and there and I drooled when I saw things I really love eg : Clothes. I am currently a sucker for boyfriend shirt or loose blouse and there were everywhere! OMG yesterday was hard. But I managed to retain myself. I asked myself " Do I really need this?" when I liked something (Ok, everything actually, sigh) to make sure I don't end up buying everything or something that is not important and finally I just end up with 2 blouses and 1 jeans. Thank god that was still within my budget. Phew!.

Every each day I grow older and wiser (At least I think so! Haha) and I learned the importance of money. I now realize that I should know how to spend my money in order not to waste it since I got it from my father (my current banker, Hehe) since I am still studying, not working. He is the who gained it and it is not good for me to spend it excessively without any guilt. So, every month, I try to set aside some amount as my monthly savings and I also set a budget when I go out shopping. That way, I will be happy without worrying about spending too much.

Ok, enough talking. Let's move on to pictures..