Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cousin Atif's and Adini's wedding

Yours truly has become lazier day by day and rarely update her blog. She spends her time eating and sleeping and finishing the assignments, her extremely boring routine, everyday. Anyways, this post is not about yours truly but her cousin Atif's wedding. So people, I present you three wedding receptions of Atif"s and Adini's wedding. P/S : Sorry I make it (The post) so simple this time.

First reception
Venue : Adini's place
Date : 2nd March 2010

Fairy princess and her prince charming

Second reception (VIP dinner)
Venue : Atif's place
Date : 4th Marh 2010

Oh so romantic moments


Yours truly and younger sister with bridegroom

Yours truly with cousin, Yaya

The girls (yet again!)

Third Reception
Venue : Atif's place
Date : 5th March 2010

Yours truly was so busy welcoming the guests and become so tired she
got no mood to take pictures that day

There were four reception actualy, two at Atif's place and two at Adini's place like I said in my previuos post but I did not attend the third one due to some sudden problem arising. So, that is all people, Bye :)