Thursday, December 24, 2009


I spent the whole day at my brother’s yesterday and slept at his place. His wife is six month pregnant and that was the first time I spent my time with preggers and obviously, I was more conscious about her safety more than she did. For example, every time she was going to the toilet (pregnant women go to the toilet very often FYI), I would glue my eyes on her movements in case she tripped or something and very time she wants to eat, I would ask my brother if it’s ok to eat that kind of food. But despite of my worriness and all, I know, Allah has made every mother in this world a strong woman to go through the pregnancy and also delivering the baby.

I was so excited when she was called my name, saying that the baby is moving, or kicking? (I forgot ok). But when i put my hands on her, the baby stops. She then said “ Cepatla baby, aunty nak rasa ni”. I paused. Aunty?. OH MY GOD i feel old already. This is my first nephew (Oh, I just realised I didn’t tell you if its a boy or a girl earlier*slaps forehead*), so I haven’t thought about what should he call me. I don’t know whether it is normal for a 20 years old girl like me to be called AUNTY? I guess I will just forget about this and decide later when the baby comes.

Future mommy and daddy