Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday pixies

Oh here comes the weekends. This week has been so hard and since there is not much things to do today, I went out with my friend, Sarah. Almost everyone went back home this weekends so gosh you don't know how bored I was!. Thanks to Sarah for saving me from the boredom by asking me out today and we had a blast!. We spent half a day at Gurney Plaza trying clothes, eyeing on handbags, and fulfilling out stomach lust. OK enough talking. Cutting story short, I just want to share some snippets of me camwhoring today.

Blurry I know. Oh come on, who cares?
While waiting for Sarah trying on clothes.
There's this bench in the fitting room, cool! (sounded jakun huh?)

Flea market selling vintage and some pretty fashion items
Sea breeze along the Gurney drive