Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of exams, packing and China

Exams over! Three paper was okay but the last one was quite hard. I have been thinking about going back too much so at the end of the day, even memorizing a few short points became a problem. But then again it is done so I am letting it go.

Anyway, I am going back in a few hours. Need some packing to do, and truth be told, I have been packing since last night and now it is only half way done. Packing really is not my forte. :(

Ok now let's move on to updates number three :P. I am going to Guangzhou, China this 23rd with both my brothers. I am so excited!. I was not included in the plan actually but then after a few attempts of persuading and convincing my dad, he allows me to tag along!. Will definitely post about it once I come back from the trip.

Oh crap, its already late, I better continue my packing now, anyone care to help?