Monday, March 29, 2010

Long will soon become longer

Ok, apart from being so happy with the newborn and wedding, there is something that keeps bothering me these past few weeks and I really need to get this out of my system.

My boyfriend Musa is going to UK for his practical.

Maigod, this is not easy for me. I mean, it's not that we have been always together these past few years but this is undoubtedly longer distance relationship! Not the usual long distance relationship which is between Kelantan Or Penang and KL. Sigh.

I realized I haven't been talking about him so much and so often here. It's not because he is not important,(he really is Ok!) but I think I don't have to reveal all the personal details here and besides, you might be vomiting blood once I start talking about all the corny things, haha.

I had a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach everytime we talked about this. In the next two weeks, he will be miles away from me for three whole month and it really scares me. He is my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my very loyal listener, my adviser and whatnot so can you imagine how my life would be without him?. There would definitely no more talking on the phone for hours and no more seeing him during the weekend whatsoever. I know there is Skype but it's not the same!. Sigh (again). It always makes me gloomy when these evil thought come racing in my mind..

  • To whom will I cry when I am so stressed out doing the assignment? (crybaby I am, I know)
  • To whom should I ask for opinion when there is something that bothers me?
  • Who will keep me company when I can't sleep at night? (I always call him when I can't sleep and he will talk to me till I lost in my dreams).

Enough of the questions, it will never come to an end so I better stop there.

Anyway, there will be about 10 days left so I shall not waste this time by weeping so I will use this remaining days to the fullest with him. This just meant talking on the phone everyone, sad enough? :(

He is having his exam and I have loads of assignments to settle. See how unlucky we are?
Ten days left and we both are on our very busy mode. Sigh. Going to call him now, hehe. Bye!