Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cousin Alif's Big Day

As promised, here's the post on my cousin Alif's and Hidayah's solemnization. It was held last two weeks, but now only I've got the time to write. Well, me being super late is fast becoming a norm, hehe.

Okay cut the crap. The solemnization was kind of a last minute plan actually. My aunt wanted to bring the couple to Mecca to perform the Umrah at the end of April so they decided to marry them a week before that instead of the actual plan which on September. Since it was last minute plan, both families agreed to held the solemnization first and the reception will be only around September.

Alif and Hidayah ties the knot at the comfort of the groom's house. It was such a simple and beautiful event filled with beautiful moments. It was so sweet to see everyone with their happy faces on, especially the bride and the groom. Like all typical Malay weddings, the event was started with the akad and then all the guests enjoyed the yummy food served. And oh, the camwhoring session of course.

Enough talking, I'll just let you guys browse through some of the happy moments captured.

The cinderella carriage dais

Green and white theme

After the make up session. Very gorgeously beautiful!

During the akad, the bride with cousin Nadia

Of course yours truly just had to be photographed
with the groom :)

Alif and Musa with their weird pose, pfft

As usual, there's the girls. Single, booked and taken all there.

Everyone was asking when is our turn all night, I guess us
wearing the same colour outfit was definetly not a good idea :P

The all pretty and handsome newlywed.
They're perfect together!

Congratulations Alif and Hidayah!.
May the years ahead of you be filled with love and ever lasting joy.