Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not yet V-day but the love is in the air

Friday usually means crashing the bed for hours after the class but Mcna came knocking my door yesterday asking whether I wanted to go out and I blurted out "Yes". So a few minutes later, off we went to Queensbay Mall with a few other friends.

I didn't realize that I 'langkah kanan' that day until Jamie said that she is now in a relationship with Shahir. So that was the purpose of the outing, the couple wanted to treat us lunch to celebrate!. After some time arguing about where to eat, Shahir finally led the way to Kenny Rogers.

Ok cut the long crap, I bet you guys would like to know the new couple on the block rather than reading me babling aite? So meet lovebirds Shahir and Jamie..

I know, I know, the picture doesn't do
that the love is in the air, haha

And thaank youuu for the meal :)