Thursday, July 4, 2013

Current State

Hi darlings..

It's been a while huh? 
The purpose of me writing here this time is just to leave a mark here about what is going on with my life now. 

I am now one semester away from getting my Bachelor of Education. Finishing my studies is my priority now. So far I have no plans on furthering my studies. I just can't wait to start working. Maybe after a few years working, then only I would think about getting my master and whatnot.

Everyone is fine. Mom n dad are in a good shape. Baby brothers are doing okay and my baby sis is now running an online business. I could say her leisure business is now getting bigger so I pray for her success juggling studies n work at the same time. Visit her Instagram page SS_wardrobe. May Allah bless my family and grants us happiness, health n wealth. 

I could say there's bee a hell lot of ups and downs all this while. But we keep on learning to know each other and trying to endure everything. Everything that happen motivates us and change us to be better for each other. I learned so many things and I realize that I change a lot. I used to be bossy and a freak. But now i know that i could not expect everything to be as per planned. I have to chill myself more and enjoy the ride. 

Before I go on my hiatus again, I just hope that Allah SWT leads me a straight and smooth path for me in my life. I am now 23 so I am no longer a little girl. I want to make full use of life now so may everything goes easy on me. In Sya Allah.


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