Friday, March 26, 2010

Akad nikah

Kakak shed some tears this moment, oh very touching.

Yours truly with the bride
I will cut the story short ok.

The couple (Atif and Adinie) has been dating for six years and they get engaged last two year. During their early dating time, it was hard since they both were still in secondary school and both side of the family discouraged them to date. But their love was strong I can say, so they managed to convince the family that they were serious and both promised to concentrate on study.

So Atif and Adinie or (kakak as I call her) went to school together (they studied at different school but Atif was so in love he sent and fetched kakak everyday) and even went to the tuition at the same place and they both already already graduated now.

Anyway, the special thing about them is that they both have the similarities in almost everything. They have the same interest, in most aspect for instance about family, children, life, and also food (this is crucial ok so kakak will just have to cook one type of dish everyday and they can share it! Haha). On the other hand, they do have their argument every now and then but the good thing is they both know how to handle it.

So, to Atif and kakak, I wish you to have a wonderful beggining of a new life, and hope that your love will last a lifetime. May god grant you with a happy and blissful marriage life and last but not least, I love both of you so much.

This is only the akad nikah's pictures and there are still 4 wedding ceremonies coming (Two on kakak's side and two ceremonies on our side) so I will have to come back to Kelantan again for the ceremonies.