Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

Long distance relationship is tough. It really needs effort to communicate. Since Musa left to uk, we just communicate via ym and phone calls. Phone calls are fine, but ym can make me lost my patience sometimes due to the very slow internet connection in my hostel. Sigh. I have downloaded skype but it says ‘Skype can’t connect to the network’ bla bla bla everytime I tried to use it so I gave up and continue using ym since then, the only option I have.

Apart from those problems, two different time zones are another. He comes back from work around 4 to 5 pm everyday and on that time, it is already after midnight here. So can you imagine how hard it was for me to stay up to have a chat with him while I have a class on 8 am the next day? Sigh. Ok enough sighing. I don’t really felt it as a burden for me because that was what I HAD to do to avoid me from missing him like crazy and and I know that when it happened, my day will turn out quite bad.

Cutting story short, one day, Musa said that it had got to stop so he insisted on me to stop waiting for him until late in the night since it made me sleepy in class and it will bring more harm than good. So we came up with a new plan last week. Instead of waiting for him, I will just sleep and when he comes back from work he’ll call me. Usually we just talk for just couple of minutes since I have classes the next day but when the weekend comes, us lovebirds will spent every single minutes of the day webcaming and chatting.

I wanted the lyrics of this song so he searched
for it and gave it to me,haha

Anyway, as good as it sounds, I don’t think it will stop there. We still need to adjust this thing from time to time since I’ll be having my exam in less than two weeks time. I don’t want to end up getting bad results just because of this. So I guess I will have to be more patience and not entertain my emotions so much. I have to stay positive and besides, he’ll be away for just 3 months and there is just about 2 month more. Of course I can handle it! =)