Friday, August 12, 2011

Seek the truth

There have been rumors spreading about Starbucks Coffee is not Halal for quite some time now, especially on facebook. Although there are many articles posted in facebook and other sites saying that it is not Halal, I don't quite believe it since the sources are not convincing enough. I mean how come it is said to be non halal when there are halal logos by JAKIM at the Starbucks Coffee branches and also in the website?.

Being an all time Starbucks Frappuccino lover, I really need to be sure so I checked the JAKIM and Halal Malaysia website today and here's what I found :

*click for larger image

Since JAKIM and Halal Malaysia are the gov organisation which are responsible for giving out the halal certificate so I think this is the truth.

I don't understand why there are individuals who just easily believe anything they saw or read and worse, they just easily spread it everywhere. This is not good especialy when it comes to the Islamic principles pertaining to Halal and Haram.

There will always be rumors spreading and floating around about so many things, so it is important that we don't just simply believe it without any investigations or evidence. If there are rumours or anything you are curious about, have the courage to always check and seek the truth.