Friday, January 15, 2010

Skinny girl I am not!

Almost everyone is saying that I’ve gained weight. My mom, bf, cousins, friends, and even my roommate’s classmates?. Oh come on, is it really that obvious?? Pfft. It is true by the way. *cries blood*

I’ve gain two or three (or maybe four kilos?) in two month. Oh my god, this is giving me pressure. It’s not being fat that keeps my mind so “serabut” but thinking about how to eliminate it. I mean, I know I have to stop it somehow, I cannot just let the kgs increase right?. I have to take care of my body, keep it healthy and more important, I don’t want to change my whole wardrobe with one size bigger clothes!.

Ok, cutting story short, here are the options:

1. Jog? NO, I won’t do something that tortures me to death.
2. Stop eating all the fatty yummy food? BIG NO!.
3. Exercise? I don’t know. *slaps forehead*

Definitely not working. Sigh.

The major problem is that I am having this huge appetite, and with this bulging belly, flabby hips and arms, I think I will hit the ground as soon as I start running or jogging because my badan is so berat you know.

BF suggests skipping, which I think kind of brilliant. I do went to Tesco the other day to look for skipping rope but they only have it for children, with bells and very bright pink colour. I am not going to embarrassed myself just to lose some weight.

I went to Queensbay today, looking for it, again and I am lucky this time.*grin*

My goal is to do it for like 50 to 100 times a day. I heard that it is good to firm the thigh. Meanwhile, I will do sit up to flatten my tummy. Both this will cause an agonising pain (exaggerating here, haha) for me but still, I will do it because I would really like to be fit and not to forget, healthy.