Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Steps

Reading someone’s blog has been one of my hobby since I don’t know-how-many months ago and ever since I am growing the interests of writing my own. My commitment as a student doesn’t allow me to start (konon), and the internet broadband connection is soo snails slow (sighh) making me to put off the plan , so I just keep on reading without starting mine.

I know I have to start some day, and this morning I woke up and think, today is the day. Besides Im on holiday. Im totally free and got nothing to do except for sleeping, watching dvds, going out, going out again and going out. So I pull the on button of my laptop, connect to the internet and now, here I am, writing my very first post for my very own blog. OH I MADE IT! (yeehaaa!)

The words you are going to read here is my actual daily life. Im going to write about everything that come across my mind, from my daily activities to family to relationship to fashion and even food. Hehe. If there are anything wrong with my writing, or my grammar or anything, feel free to comment. This is my first baby steps so you know..