Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little arguments

I realised I haven’t talked to my boyfriend very much lately. There’s always something bad came up that caused us to be mad with each other almost everyday. I guessed maybe I was the one who responsibled for this. It’s not that I cheated on him or something but I have been busy with some other thing lately that makes me spent less time with him.

OMG how I missed the time when we had so much fun together, always laughing and rarely arguing. I really hate the loneliness I felt in my heart when we spent days without talking on the phone like we used to. We are both students so we just talked on phone all the time, almost every hour of the day and meet each other during weekends or holidays.

Last night, we had another argument over the same issue and it makes me feel so crappy all day. Sigh. We had been arguing about this for so many times, but until now, there is no solution for it. I am really hoping that we had a solution for this stupid problem so that we will be always happy as a couple of lovebirds should be.