Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here comes the New Year

31st December 5.27 pm. Just a few hours before New Year, 2010.

So much has happened this year. Newborns, weddings and funerals. OMG how I miss my grandmother. She has left us for four month already. My brother has been married for nearly five months and we have baby Aisha for 8 months now. So many things have changed, in just a year. It is like a blink of an eye.

We can never have everything that is perfect, in fact, every mistake that we’ve made taught us about life. I do lose my patience, screaming, and cries when I make any mistakes or if something doesn’t seem right. But then I realises that that is a process of learning, a part of life.

This year has been wonderfully imperfect and amazingly perfect.

Anyway, when I was 19, I couldn't wait to turn 20. Now the thought of turning another year older (20) is just depressing. Time passes so quickly. It scares me thinking that someday, a few years from now, I will grow older and start to have wrinkles on my face.

Thinking on bright side, turning 20, I really hope that I will be a better person, more matured, more patience (I really lack on this one, sigh), more responsible and more hardworking (on everything, I mean).

May 2010 be a better year for me. I will try to do my best in everything. Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful God has given me the chance to live this life and I hope my family and I will have the longevity. May we be blessed with good health and happiness.

I took this chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year.