Monday, December 14, 2009


I went out today with my mom, my dad and my sister. Since my dad had an appointment at the hospital, we dropped him off and then headed to a nearby kopitiam for some lunch (my stomach was growling asking me to feed them!).

MY mom was the one who drived and one thing about my mom is that she is so paranoid on the road. She parked the car quite far from the kopitiam as she was scared that she will scratch the car that was parked nearby. Pftt.

After finished our lunch (I had a superb Nasi Goreng Belacan by the way), while heading to the car, I just can’t stop mumbling about the very hot weather. My skin was like grilled under the hot sun. My mom then said it was too hot maybe because tonight it’s going to rain.

Just now when i was watching tv, it suddenly started to rain. It made me realize that what mom said was true (or is it just me who did not know about this? Did they tell about this in our science text book? Or geography?). Haishh. By the way, it realy amazes me about how much adults knows about almost everything, even about that little teeny weeny things. It made me realizes that people learn about many thing in their life from their everyday experiences. Everything in life is so important. God has provided us with everything in life but it is our duty to discover and explore it.