Thursday, February 24, 2011

Up up here we go

Woke up so early in the morning, went straight to bathroom, perfomed my Subuh prayer and minutes later I was all ready to go to class. As usual, I stopped by my friend's room (we went to class together, we're classmates) and guess what, she was still snoozing. GREAT! I don't have to ask anything, I just knew it!. The class was cancelled and I no idea about it. Pfft.

I slept early last night, crashed my bed at 10pm so I've had ENOUGH sleep. There's no way I am going to continue sleeping after 8 hours sleeping that night (I do love snoozing, but sleeping too long gives me headache). I was too lazy to setle my workload so I decided to go online, Facebook-ing and also, here I am, writing to you. :)

It is not always that I blog very early in the morning so I am taking this chance to say " SELAMAT PAGI EVERYONE!. Lets have a productive day ahead :)