Monday, December 7, 2009


I cant imagine my life without my family and cousins. Gosh, it would be so dull and meaningless.

Everytime I came back home for holiday, one of the things to do is to go meet my cousins and aunts. They are the closest to me after my family.

Growing up with them is so wonderful especially when I have someone to be my partner in crime, someone who would let me cry on her lap when I had break-ups and someone to talk to about fashion and stuff (the girls). On the other hand, the guys (my cousins and brothers) would protect me and give advice about men and everything, tells me what do men like and hate, and since they are older, they always monitor on what I did and it can be quite annoying sometimes. Haha.

God knows how many ups and downs, how many smiles and tears and how many silly things that we had gone through together.

I just realize that I haven’t post any picture on my blog so, this time, let them do the talking =)

The girls

Cousin Alif, me and my brother Mim

Family, cousins and friends