Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am officially in a very long distance relationship now. I went to KLIA to send him last two days. We spent only four hours together at the airport and times really fly during times like that. Four hours seemed to be like 4 minutes (exagerrating here, I know). I spent most of time reminding him to call, text me, Skype or YM with me and whatnot.

Missing him every minute in my life is painful. You really have no idea how kind he is to me. I now realized that I depended on him so much before I feel like so hard to be independent. He is my boyfriend, and my very best friend. As much as I love and I miss him, he has his own life and goals he aims to achieve. So I very well know that I have to support him. Distance might tear our bodies apart but in I am sure we are close in each other's heart.

Anyway, today is his first day working and I can't wait for him to call me and tell me how his first practical day had been. I really hope everything went fine and he gets the all the knowledge he deserves to gain and the experience that can help him in his career in the future.