Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miss mommy!

I reached Penang yesterday and since then, I am so stressed because the internet connection is so slow!. I stay at the hostel and my new room for this semester is at the ground floor, surrounded by jungle of concrete buildings. The only way I could connect to the world is by using my broadband but now the there’s hardly any reception here and even to browse Yahoo needs 5 minutes?! I am really losing my patience now. Arghh!

Internet oh internet, please fix yourself if you don’t mind? Please please please.. *angel face*

Anyway, the purpose of me writing this time is because I can’t stop thinking about my mom. She went through a surgery yesterday, a minor one as I said in my previous post, but still I’m awfully worried about her. She is fine now (Alhamdulillah); but not being with her at this time really makes me sad and crappy and OMG I miss her like crazy!. I want to take care of her but my college will not tolerate my absence anymore and I don’t want to be expelled. So, the most I could do is just call her like 5 times a day (with watery eyes) to check on her. I really wish I could talk to her every seconds but she needs to rest, I know. Sigh. Oh mom I really miss you.

Get well soon mom, I LOVE YOU gazillions much!.