Friday, December 25, 2009


Having mood swings today. One minute I was crying and then a minute later I was laughing? NO people, I’m not crazy. It’s just PMS.

I went rolling away with tears to almost everything.

Sad part in Malay drama, happy ending in movies, listening to songs and even when seeing someone’s happy face??. Silly me.

Not just a river of tears, I do have my happy times.

And when I was happy, it means EXTREMELY happy.

Even for ordinary, everyday things, I danced a happy dance and clapped my hands. Sigh.

Anyway, apart from mood swings, I am expecting menstrual pain.

I experienced all of these things every time my monthly period is coming and usually it will last after a couple of days when the menstrual starts.

Sound disturbing enough? This is just two of the symptoms. There is even more for instance; abdominal bloating, breast tenderness or swelling, stress or anxiety and many more.

I’m so glad I’m just having just the two of it. Huge relieveeeeeeee!