Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Aisha

I went home during Chinese New Year for 9 days but I only managed to go to my aunt’s the day before I came back here again. She called me the day before complaining why I did not go to her place so I promised her I’ll see her the day after. It is not easy being someone loved by everyone you see. *Very proud face*. Just kidding.

When I reached there, almost everybody in that house was surprised to see the new me with 5 kilos extra.

“Hey what happen to you? You look so gemuk” blab la bla.

I just smiled and say “ lalu makan la sekarang” . That was obviously very cruel! They should’ve greeted me with much love together with orange juice or flower or pertunjukan silat or something. Pfft.

Anyway, that is not the purpose of me writing this time. The reason is my little cousin Aisha Zahra or we call her bi Asha. I was so happy to see her since I had been missing her like crazy. I missed her so much I had to kissed and hugged her the moment I saw her. She is so cutee and guess what, she is also gemuk now, same like me and here is the proof. Haha.

Bi asha in wig,haha

Oh by the way, I am going home again tomorrow for Alif's engagement (my cousin). I reached Penang last 2 days and tomorrow i'll be going back to Kelantan again. Very tiring huh? No. In fact, I am so excited! Do you smell engagement post coming? Haha. Just wait.