Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Entering where you shouldn't

Ok this is actually quite an embarrassment, but I think this post might help girls out there to be more ALERT. Remember my previous post about my excitement to meet my cousin and Musa? Yes. I went to KL during the weekend and we had so much fun. But that was not the thing I wanted to talk about actually.

Anyway, before my trip back here to Penang, I suddenly felt the urge to pee. So I went straight to the nearer toilet. I just went straight to do my business and entered one of the toilet room without even looking around. I did heard the sound of few men talking to each other but that doesn't even ring a bell because the sound might came from the man's toilet which is just beside the ladies, right? Right.

Then a few seconds later I heard a boy, entering the toilet room next to mine and guess whatt... he was talking to his FATHER!. I started to feel sick. I started to feel that there's something WRONG! If this is the ladies, the boy should have come to toilet with his MOTHER, not his FATHER. I don't know what was wrong with me but I remembered that I did glanced at the sign of the toilet so there's no way I entered the wrong one. To be sure, I slightly opened the toilet door and took a peak.


I WAS IN THE MAN'S TOILET!. No doubt. There were a few guys outside, peeing. Yes, you heard me right. Thank god there were facing backward so I didn't saw anything, I SWEAR!. I quickly locked the door and my hands started to tremble. My body felt so cold and I nearly cried. I tried calling Musa but he didn't answer. (Yeah, talk about bad times, bad luck). I was so panicked I don't know what to do. All sorts of thoughts went racing by.

1. What if the guys got so angry they beat me up?

2. What if they all laugh at me and call me names? "Bodoh punya pompuan bla bla bla.."


3. What if they lost their mind and do something dirty to me? *GOD FORBID.

It took a few seconds before I decided to calm myself down. I stayed silent and waited until I heard no more guys talking. When the toilet became almost silent, I opened the door to take a peak, AGAIN. Thank god the toilet was clear so I quickly ran out of the toilet room. I noticed there's a guy outside in front of the mirror. I heard he said :

"Aik, tersalah masuk tandas ke?"

I didn't even bothered to turn to him so I just went straight OUT of the toilet. I was so relieved once I managed to get out but I can feel my body still shaking. I can't stop thinking how stupid I was!. Sigh.

Ok cut the long crap.

So to women out there, take a closer look at the toilet sign everytime you are entering the toilet. Hold your bladder, a few seconds don't make much diference. You won't pee in your pants, don't worry. Next time, don't just glance but STARE at the sign. Well, you know, just in case. And to guys out there, BE AWARE of your phone!!. Your girlfriend might be in trouble and you should be there when she needs you the most. *Ahem, are you reading this honey? :P.